Sámi flag flying days

The Sámi have twelve flag flying days adopted by the Sámi Conference (Helsinki 1992, Murmansk 1996 and Trondheim 2017).

6.2. The Sámi National Day

2.3. The Sámi Parliament in Finland was founded 1996

The Assumption of Mary, traditional Sámi holiday.

Midsummer Day, official holiday.

9.8. UN International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

15.8. The Sámi flag was adopted 1986

18.8. The Sámi Council was founded 1956

26.8. The Sámi Parliament in Sweden was founded 1993

9.10. The Sámi Parliament in Norway was founded 1989

9.11. The Sámi Delegation in Finland was founded 1973. The Sámi Delegation was the predecessor of the Sámi Parliament in Finland.

29.11. Birthday of Elsa Laula Renberg. Elsa Laula Renberg (born 1877) is considered to be the launcher of cross-border Sámi co-operation.

15.11. Birtday of Isak Saba. Isak Saba wrote the national anthem of the Sámi. He was also the first Sámi Member of Parliament in Norway (1906-1912).

Sámi Flag

The Sámi Flag was designed by the Sámi artist Astrid Båhl. The theme was derived from the poem Sons of the Sun (Páiven párneh) by the south Sámi Anders Fjellner, describing the Sámi as sons and daughters of the sun. The circles represent the sun (red) and the moon (blue).

The Sámi have twelve flag flying days, the most important of which is the Sámi National Day on 6th of February. This is the date when the northern and southern Sámi came together across their national borders for their first meeting in Trondheim, Norway.

The flag may also be flown unofficially on special occasions.

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