Youth Council

The members of the Youth Council are chosen for two year term at the time. The council consists of the Chair, the Vice Chair and five other members. They all have personal deputies. Both members and the deputies have to be between age of 18 and 28 when chosen. Also five expert members are chosen for two year term. Expert members have to be between age of 15 and 17 when chosen. The Chair and the Vice Chair don’t have to be members of the Sámi Parliament.

The Youth Council prepares those statements, initiatives and other comments which concern Sámi youth and their living conditions. Other main functions of the Committee are to advance the language and the cultural rights of the the Sámi youth and strengthen their Sámi identity.

Youth Council 2020-2021


Niittyvuopio Anni-Sofia, chair
Mäkinen Maria, vice chair
Valle Juuso
Tornensis Reetta
Kosonen Anette
Kemi Ole-Juhan
Jomppanen Harri


Pohjanrinne Mira
Semenoff Jasmin
Laiti Riku
Ketola Marianne
Aikio Anni-Saara
Mäkinen Lassi-Olavi
Seurujärvi Jussa

Expert members:

Ljetoff Helmi
Ravna-Pieski Hans
Siilasjoki Sunna
Tenoranta  Ante