Ethical Guidelines for Sámi Tourism

The Sámi Parliament in Finland adopted Principles for Responsible and Ethically Sustainable Sámi Tourism on the 24th of September in 2018. The primary purpose of these ethical guidelines is to terminate tourism exploiting Sámi culture and to eliminate incorrect information about the Sámi distributed through tourism. The second priority is to safeguard the cultural practices and traditions of Sámi population outside the travel industry.

Who Are the Ethical Guidelines Meant for?

The ethical guidelines are primarily meant for tourism actors and operators outside the Sámi community who carry out touristic productisation, representation, marketing and communications of Sámi culture. Furthermore, the guidelines are for visitors arriving in Sámi Homeland.

Principles for Responsible and Ethically Sustainable Sámi Tourism

  1. Recognising and Respecting the Value and Richness of the Sámi Cultural Heritage
  2. Protecting and Maintaining the Vitality of Sámi Cultural Heritage for Future Generations
  3. Mutually Beneficial Understanding and Co-operation
  4. Issues Featured in Sámi Tourism – Their Recognition and Correction
  5. Positive Impact of Sámi Tourism on Sámi People, Their Culture and Environment
  6. Responsible and Ethically Sustainable Marketing and Communications of Sámi Tourism
  7. High-Quality Visitor Experiences – Quality Assurance

The illustrations supporting the message of the ethical guidelines for Sámi tourism are made by comic artist Sunna Kitti.