Sámi Parliament’s call center is closed 7.-31.7. 

Sámi Parliament’s call center is closed 7.-31.7.2023.

Sámi Parliament’s Language Office and translation activities are closed 10.-31.7.2023. We will get back to orders again from 1.8.2023. If you need translations when the Sámi Language Office is closed, you can find freelance translators conctact information from Sámi Parliament’s translator and interpreter search service (in Finnish and in Sámi languages): Saamelaiskäräjien kääntäjä- ja tulkkihakupalvelu.   

Sámi Parliament wishes a great summer to everyone!

Sámi Parliaments of Norway, Sweden and Finland arrange a joint language seminar for interpreters, translators and other language workers

The Sámi Parliaments jointly arrange 9–10 October 2019 a language seminar especially for those who work with Sámi languages: for translators, interpreters and other language workers. The seminar is arranged through the cooperation of the Sámi Parliaments of Norway, Sweden and Finland and the competence and resource centre Sámi Giellagáldu. For the Sámi Parliaments, the seminar is a way of noting indigenous languages in accordance with the UN Year of Indigenous Languages.

The purpose of the event, arranged by the three Sámi Parliaments, is to enhance the professional skills of language workers, to offer the opportunity to discuss linguistic issues more broadly, and to learn more about the questions, the possibilities and the challenges interpreters, translators and language workers face and have in their work. The seminar also offers the participants the opportunity to network and create possibilities for cooperation among those working with languages; thus, it strengthens cross-border cooperation in the field of languages.

The Sámi Parliaments welcome all those working with languages to the Language Seminar in Inari 9–10 October 2019!

The programme and the other information concerning the seminar will be published later.

Information on registration for the seminar will be available in early autumn 2019.

Further information:

Anne Kirste Aikio, anne-kirste.aikio(at)samediggi.fi, telephone: +358 40 7075626

Mikkel Rasmus Logje, mikkel.rasmus.logje(at)samediggi.no, telephone: +47 412 65 375

Marie Louise Allas, marie.louise.allas(at)sametinget.se, telephone: +46 70 367 46 82