The Self-Government Body of the Sámi

The Sámi Parliament is the supreme political body of the Sámi in Finland representing the Sámi in national and international connections. It is an independent legal entity of public law which, due to its self-governmental nature, is not a state authority or part of the public administration.

The Sámi in Finland

The Sámi are the only indigenous people within the European Union Area. The Sámi Area called Sápmi, that is, the nuclear region the Sámi inhabit within four countries, consists of northern parts of Finland, almost half of Sweden and Norway as well as parts of the Kola Peninsula in Russia.


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The 21 members, and 4 deputies, are elected from among the Sámi every four years. The Plenum represents the supreme authority of the Sámi Parliament.

In Sámi Parliament’s Flickr-account you will find photos about the work of the Parliament, its members and events. The images may be used in news reporting and other communications aimed at public information dissemination.

Procedure for seeking the free, prior, and informed consent of the Sámi from the Sámi Parliament in Finland for research projects dealing with Sámi cultural heritage and traditional knowledge and other activities that have or may have an impact on this heritage and knowledge.

The Sámi Parliament in Finland adopted Principles for Responsible and Ethically Sustainable Sámi Tourism on the 24th of September in 2018. The primary purpose of these ethical guidelines is to terminate tourism exploiting Sámi culture and to eliminate incorrect information about the Sámi distributed through tourism. The second priority is to safeguard the cultural practices and traditions of Sámi population outside the travel industry.

The Plenum appoints four committees for its electoral period. It also appoints the Sámi Language Council and the Electoral Committee, which has a shorter term of office than the other committees.



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