Ijahis Idja Festival Celebrates 15 Years – Program Now Published

The Indigenous People’s Music Festival, Ijahis Idja, has published its program.  The festival will be held in Inari/Anár for the 15th time. As in previous years, the program is again vast and versatile. Besides music there will be also conversation arena, Sámi sport competition and program for the youngsters.

The event begins on Friday 17th of August with kids and youth program. During the day, the participants who have registered beforehand will take part in workshops and watch Sámi films. They also get to show their own talent in Ijahis íja násttážat youth concert. Also, Solju band will perform in Ijahis íja násttážat concert.

Festival opening ceremony starts at 18.00 on Friday. Nils-Heikki Paltto and Indigenous Bastards will perform in the opening program. After that a super-fast lasso sprint will be held outdoors in the festival area. Furthermore, Anára Sámisearvi, the main organizer of Ijahis idja, will celebrate its 35 anniversary on the main stage.

The outdoor concerts on the main stage in Friday evening will surely offer something for everyone when Solju band, the Norwegian popstar Kevin Boine and the Canadian DJ-collective A Tribe Called Red perform for the audience. It will be a night to remember.

Saturday begins with a music seminar which will be in Sámi museum Siida. The topic of the anniversary seminar is Ijahis idja itself.  How the festival came to be as we know it today and what it means to the Sámi music scene and artists? The panel discussion is led by Aslak Paltto.

The day continues with Yle Sápmi Arena, which is produced by Yle Sápmi. It’s a discussion arena with hot topics of the day and it will be held in all Sámi languages spoken in Finland. The arena will be held on the festival area, outside of Sajos.

Evening continues with a concert called “Luohti ja Suõmmkar” in the auditorium of Sajos. Traditional yoik artists Berit Alette Mienna, Ingá Elisá Påve Idivuoma, Hildá Länsman and Iŋgá-Máret Gaup-Juuso will perform. In addition to that, Skolt Sámi group Suõmmkar will release their debut album. Auditorium concerts have grown very popular year after year and they attract people to enjoy Sámi music in intimate surroundings.

Evening outdoor concerts begin with a concert by Vildá. A duo that consists of Hildá Länsman ja Viivi Saarenkylä. After them on stage will be Felgen Orkester, Amoc & Ailu Valle and Trio Boogiemen, Tundra Electro and some yoik artists. Along with concerts there will be sports. A thrilling lasso throwing competition which will settle once and for all who’s the best lasso thrower in Sápmi.

Ijahis Idja 17th to 19th of August 2018, in Inari/Anár.

Ijahis idja is produced by Anára Sámisearvi ry, Sámi Parliament, Saamelaisalueen koulutuskeskus, Sámi museum Siida, Inari municipality, Taiteen edistämiskeskuksen Lapin toimipiste, Yle Sápmi ja Hotelli Kultahovi.

More information:

Sámi Music Center, planer/ producer Oula Guttorm, oula.guttorm@samediggi.fi, +358 50 574 2765