Sámi Cultural Intangible Heritage Conference May 23rd – 24th, Sajos #urbánbeaivvit

The conference theme is intangible cultural Sámi heritage such as duodji (Sámi handicrafts), archive objects, cultural memories, yoik, storytelling, and traditional land use and rights. The goal is to discuss, define and build a common ground in order to protect collective Sámi intangible heritage on a national and transnational levels.  Information and program are found here.

Conference is open to all interested in the topic and can be followed also through live-stream broadcast.

Participation fee includes conference and cultural program (concerts, exhibitions, plays and films), coffee and lunch.

Events during the conference

23.5.2018 at 12:10

  • Opening of the Duodji Exhibition – Ellos Duodji!
  • Fia Kaddik: Short Course on Tin Thread Weaving

23.5.2018 at 17:45 – 19:30 Cultural Program

  • Publication of the 6th Poetry Collection of Niillas Holmberg
  • Niillas Holmberg reading his poems and yoiking
  • Inga Victoria Påve: Presentation of the photos in the Poetry Collection

24.5.2018 at 20:00 – 21:00 Evening program in Sajos, Film night with Skábmagovat

Other seminars

May 21st – 22nd, 2018

Sami Traditional Music  (invited guests)

Seminar topics: rights, relations and obligations regarding Sami traditional music.
Organized by the University of Lapland and the Sámi Parliament

Contact person: Piia Nuorgam, LLM and PhD student, piia.nuorgam(at)ulapland.fi /+358 44 3131 320

May 22nd, 2018 at 12:00 – 17:30, Sajos

How to Protect Duodji?

Open discussion about the protection of Duodji (open for everyone)
Organized by Saami Council

Registration and information: www.saamicouncil.net

Ellen Berit Dalbakk, Project Manager of the Duodji Label, kmr@saamicouncil.net/ +47 99796 947

Contact information

Milja Guttorm, Conference Coordinator/ Regional Artist, Taike – Arts Promotion Centre Finland; milja.guttorm(at)taike.fi+358 295 330 865

Riitta Orti-Berg; Sámi Parliament, Finland; riitta.orti-berg(at)samediggi.fi +358 40 840 0383

Susanne Idivuoma; Sámi parliament, Sweden; susanne.idivuoma(at)sametinget.se +46 980 780 48

Silja Somby; Sámi Parliament, Norway; silja.somby(at)samediggi.no +47 78 48 42 30

The conference is organized by Sami Parliaments in Finland, Sweden and Norway, Sami Artist Council, Sami Council, Sámi Duodji-Sameslöjdstiftelsen, and Taike – Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Photo: Kirsi Suomi